3 Multichannel Marketing Stats to Inspire You

Multichannel marketing campaigns are more effective than single-channel campaigns, but let’s face it, they are more work, too.

Multichannel marketing campaigns are more effective than single-channel campaigns, but let’s face it, they are more work, too. Whether shopping for clothes online, or via a web portal for marketing collateral, all marketing channels should be engaged to ensure maximum traffic flow. Check out these multichannel marketing statistics, which can keep you motivated to “channel” your way to success.

1. Two-thirds of shoppers use more than one channel.

This data comes from the Wharton School of Business, which found that multichannel shopping is the norm for most consumers. Its research found that one-third of shoppers alternate between two channels, and another one-third use three channels or more. Only one out of three shoppers consistently use a single channel.

Takeaway: Your brand must be presented consistently across all channels, including direct mail, email, and mobile, and the shopping experience must be seamless across all of them.

2. Customers who shop on more than one channel have a 30% higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) than those who use a single channel.

Takeaway: Investing in a consistent multichannel customer experience takes more time and investment, but it is worth it—really worth it!

3. Only 5% of marketers say they are “very much set up to effectively orchestrate cross-channel marketing activities.”

Most marketers aren’t prepared to handle a multichannel environment, so you stand out when you do this well. Econsultancy finds that while more than two-thirds of companies place a priority on integrating marketing activities across channels, only 39% say they understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly.

Takeaway: Let us help!

You are great at what you do, and you understand your customers better than anyone else. But nobody can be an expert at everything all the time. Before you plan your next multichannel marketing campaign, give one of our business development experts a call. We’re experts at delivering printed and digital communications.

Drawn from “4 Cross Channel Marketing Stats Marketers Need To Know” (https://blogs.oracle.com/marketingcloud/4-cross-channel-marketing-stats-marketers-need-to-know-going-into-2017)

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