Web to Print Manager

Enforce, Personalize, and Manage all of your stationery and marketing collateral from a secure centralized resource.

Web-to-Print Manager establishes a centralized resource to help personalize and manage your stationery and marketing collateral while enforcing brand compliance.


Maintaining uniform brand guidelines starts with a centralized resource. Providing a centralized resource to connect users to corporate approved materials is critical to the success of an organization’s communications. BFC’s Web-to-Print Manager simplifies the process of establishing and enforcing brand guidelines. By adopting our Web-to-Print Manager, users can generate consistent and compliant communications based upon your predefined business rules.

Core Strengths

  • Integrates with existing corporate intranets/portals
  • Enforces brand identity and guidelines
  • Maintains consistent communications
  • Centralized resources


Empower your sales networks with personalized marketing materials. With a library of approved marketing materials, users can create, on demand, 1:1 versioned communications tailored and personalized to meet their specific needs. Web-to-Print Manager’s flexibility continues with the ability to upload images, photos, logos and data files to support an organization’s entire marketing needs.

Core Strengths

  • Creates brand compliant 1:1 personalized communications
  • Produces approved marketing materials on-demand
  • Provides real-time, online proofing
  • Downloadable PDF delivery option


Control, direct, and manage your marketing programs. Web-to-Print Manager provides the overview and controls necessary to manage your organization’s marketing activities. Establish business rules that define user permission and entitlement, budget controls and ordering protocols.

Core Strengths

  • Institutes budget and spend control
  • Establishes order and ship notifications & confirmations
  • Reduces marketing collateral obsolescence
  • Generates detailed activity reports
  • Allows for order approval hierarchy & tracking


Reduction in print costs and mail delivery time by eliminating errors associated with the use of multiple vendors.

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