Kit Manager

Kit Manager

Manage, order, and deliver all of your kit programs from a secure, centralized resource.

Kit Manager provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing, ordering, and delivering all of your kit programs.


Manage efficiently and effectively. Kit Manager eliminates the need to manage kit components with Excel files by utilizing our Electronic Build of Materials (EBOM) Module. The secure EBOM allows you to create and modify kits and kit contents, all in a secure web-based environment. Using the PDF Proof of Assembly tool (POA), after making edits, you can view a PDF of the new or revised kit and review the accuracy of its contents. Kit Manager keeps a detailed log of every kit and item, allowing you to track and manage updates and approvals seamlessly. BFC's Kit Manager will revolutionize your kit management process.

Core Strengths

  • Electronic Build of Materials (EBOM)
  • PDF Proof of Assembly (POA)
  • History of Approvals


Order with confidence. Making sure the correct and current version of a kit gets sent to the right customer is imperative. BFC's Kit Manager includes a CASS certification tool that validates addresses to ensure USPS accuracy in delivering. This feature ensures that the recipient address exists and is error free for delivery. As an extra measure of approval and compliance, the system grants users the ability to review and override the CASS updated information, before final acceptance. Built-in lookup and search tools allow users the ability to review prior deliveries to ensure timing and versioning accuracy and also provides opportunities for re-delivery.

Core Strengths

  • Single record CASS Validation
  • Variable to Customer
  • Build Compliant Documents


Effectively deliver across different mediums. Now more than ever, when postal costs are at their highest, Kit Manager's robust delivery framework allows for options in evaluating today's most effective delivery methods. Kit Manager offers both traditional mail and/or electronic delivery. Take full advantage of postal optimization when mailing or the convenience of e-delivery.

Core Strengths

  • Single or multiple records
  • Traditional mail or electronic delivery

Reduced Costs & Increased Accuracy

by integrating multiple facets of a supply chain and fulfillment processes into a single, streamlined program.

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