Web Portals

Web Portals

Are you a Sales Manager looking for real-time performance statistics? Perhaps you’re a Marketing executive wanting to share the company’s new master brand with all 20 national offices. Instead of making numerous calls, sifting through paper reports, or generating multiple emails, simply access your customized, comprehensive web portal.

“We’ve taken the website concept to a higher level and have created an active, responsive, productive repository of valuable information, that we call Imprivia.” said Brent Cariveau, Program Developer, BFC. “Imprivia solutions provide one access point for all data and resources.”

The advantage of a cohesive portal is that all of your company’s marketing and communication resources can reside in one central and secure space, available any time, from anywhere, using a simple web browser. “At BFC, we align our portal solutions with your business strategy,” stated Brent. “It’s modular design can broaden and deepen as your needs grow or change.”

Imprivia at a glance: Imprivia integrates a variety of functions in one unique portal where users can access multiple marketing tools using a single login. Here is a quick look at some of the modules:

E-Store: The E-Store is our online ordering and web-to-print solution. This module can handle complicated entitlement challenges, as well as variable data inputs, online proofing, catalog and item segregation, credit card functionality, real time inventory reporting, budget tracking, order confirmation, UPS tracking, and kit ordering.

Punch-Out Purchasing: Punch-Out functionality allows a single system the ability to integrate with multiple systems. A user could potentially order stationery products through BFC, t-shirts from another vendor, and light bulbs from another source in one single online shopping session. Plus, this module integrates with BFC’s inventory system to create seamless print production and inventory management.

Digital Asset Management: Our answer to digital asset management, called Media Beacon, is a repository for a customer’s working files, collected files, graphics, logos, word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Users can convert files, check-in/check-out files, swap images and more.

Online Document Management: In this application, customers can store an unlimited amount of information and recall that data in real-time. When a document is recalled, the system instantly rebuilds it as a PDF – further functionality allows a user to view, print locally, or spool the request for printing at BFC. The recall function is ideal for call center applications and other customer content management needs.

Data Collection: This tool manages specific customer data including name, address, phone, email address, date of service, etc. It is perfect for customer retention programs and integrated marketing campaigns.

Online Enrollment: This module is designed to streamline any registration and enrollment process and eliminate the inefficiencies of a paper-based system. Seamless integration with the Online Document Management Module and Data Collection Tool can create a powerful end-to-end solution capable of administering the entire enrollment process.

Marketing Calendar: Enjoy network-wide communication within a web portal. This application supports news and event highlights, scrolling information bars, blogs, and marketing plan calendars with links to specific products and ordering information.

Sales Dashboard-Sales Reporting: Make sales statistics an active component in your web presentation. Our system will create graphs, charts and listings visible to entitled users of any desired sales statistic or metric. Think office budgets, production, leads, conversion rates, sale volumes, rankings, and more.

With Imprivia, your partners, employees and customers can have individual user experiences with personalized applications based on role, context, location, preferences, and authority. Users can access current data, manage documents, share calendars, change blogs, initiate collaboration, print sales reports – do just about anything – all in a familiar, browser-based environment.