Manage stationery, marketing collateral & direct mail programs from a centralized resource.

Businesses today are focused more than ever on brand presence in an effort to build awareness and ultimately grow sales. However, many competing factors including decentralized resources, cost inefficiency, extended sales networks and the ability to simultaneously encompass local messaging make this effort increasingly difficult to manage. Often, businesses wanting to gain brand presence lack a system to easily create and distribute personalized branded materials. Over the past 12 years, BFC has worked with hundreds of companies to help them manage these specific issues.

BFC's Web-to-Print system enables businesses to personalize brand-approved print products and localize marketing materials through a hosted service. And because Web-to-Print is on-demand, businesses and sales networks can easily adjust messaging and content on stationery, marketing collateral, direct mail campaigns, and advertising to rapidly adapt to local sales environments. According to a report published by MarketingSherpa the majority of B-to-B organizations (79%) find direct mail to be either very effective or somewhat effective for their organization.1 "This is likely a result of the various personalization and segmentation capabilities organizations executing this tactic now have, such as personalization for name, location and other data points and segmenting lists based on a number of criteria‚" writes Jen Doyle, Senior Research Analyst at MarketingSherpa. Target Marketing Magazine also made the case for localized marketing earlier this year indicating B-to-C direct mail marketing campaigns returned the highest ROI of any media with totals of 38% for acquisition and 32% for retention marketing programs.2

Being "on-demand" doesn't just make Web-to-Print very conducive to personalization, but also economically vital to driving savings and realizing quantifiable bottom-line impact. Web-to-Print reduces costs by reducing the number of large print runs and minimizing marketing inventories with content that can later become dated and lead to product obsolescence. Subsequent warehousing expenses are also inherently reduced.

Probably the most immediate impact Web-to-Print has on any business is the centralization of resources. Brand-approved stationery, marketing collateral, direct mail, and advertising templates accessible through a controlled hosted portal ensures users produce corporate marketing that consistently maintains brand integrity. A centralized resource also allows businesses to establish an approval hierarchy, produce detailed activity reports and provide greater visibility into the needs of users.

The sales and marketing landscape is evolving into a highly sophisticated space of highly targeted marketing and heavy personalization. Generating great brand presence with proper brand management has never been more critical. Businesses need a cost efficient solution that is flexible, user friendly and quick to market - that solution is Web-to-Print.

1 MarketingSherpa, Direct mail rated as an effective tactic by many B2B organizations, March 2011.

2 Target Marketing, Cover Story: Media Usage Forecast 2011, March 2011.