The goal was to create an easy to use product that could automate marketing campaigns, allow for personalization, and have multichannel delivery capabilities. BFC asked its team to put something together and they delivered. They delivered big.

In the fall of 2010, BFC had begun initial planning on a project they had wanted to create for some time – an automated marketing system. The time was definitely right. The increasing trend of diminishing marketing budgets and smaller staffs certainly made the case for its need. And the question became, how to easily carry out a marketing campaign that speaks to an individual, consists of a good marketing mix, and fits within a budget? Organizations needed a practical solution to a real problem.

BFC viewed the challenge as a great opportunity, to develop a great product, support it, and make a positive difference for customers. The system would be developed using Imprivia – BFC's proven development platform that supports its applications and thousands of users throughout North America. Print and fulfillment support for the new system would take place at BFC's 120,000 square foot production facility located just outside of Chicago. The plan was set and development began.

Coincidentally, at the same time, a national federation of more than 800 state and local associations approached BFC with the perfect opportunity. The federation needed a partner to help strengthen its presence with its current members. Fragmented communications from the associations led to members being confused and unaware that they also belonged to a national association. And, the membership base was starting to decline. An affordable one-to-one marketing solution that spoke to members at a personal level from the national, state, and local associations was desperately needed.

The timing was perfect, and myCampaign had just gained its first customer. It was now time to deliver. The first step was to create an enrollment website for the associations participating in the program. Enrollment information was used to create profiles for each association and its members. Next, BFC created editable print and email templates co-branded by the national association. State and local groups could then personalize the templates with messaging and elements that spoke to members at the local level. To remove the complexity of tracking who gets which communication and when, BFC created the Milestone feature. The Milestone feature allows communications to be staggered based on when prospects are added to the program or where the recipient falls in your marketing cycle. Lastly, BFC built a feature to allow campaigns to be segmented by the national association, allowing the state and local groups to join the program and market to low, medium or high-risk members or to all three.

Many great features in one simple to use system made myCampaign the right solution. myCampaign removed the complexities of using different services or systems to send multichannel communications, gave the associations the ability to easily send personalized messaging, and automated the delivery of timely communications.

With myCampaign, the federation was able to:

  • Generate awareness of the national association
  • Establish a program that increased retention and renewal of memberships
  • Encourage participation from its members
  • Effectively reach members with a multichannel campaign that consisted of personalized print pieces and e-mails
  • Apply the benefits of large scale production to provide a cost-efficient program for the associations