Marketing Mix

Getting Personal With The Right Marketing Mix.

Technology and social media are rapidly changing marketing and creating new opportunities to truly get to know your customers. At the same time, advancements in print technologies and data mining have enabled print to speak directly to audiences, driving the printed communication to remain vital in developing ongoing conversations with customers. Social media, web sites, email and print — today it’s all about getting personal with the right marketing mix.

Getting personal with print. Social media and data mining technology have created better and deeper data on customers. Printing technologies have kept up pace and are allowing businesses to leverage customer data to create large-run, one-to-one printed communications. Businesses are realizing that the potential of this technology is huge. Marketers at knew the possibilities and aimed to increase data on customer habits and sales on their website. Targeting busy people in urban areas, the marketers decided to launch a direct mail campaign in New York to about 1 million residents. The campaign was segmented into two different offers — free same-day delivery; the other emphasized convenience. Why direct mail? “We like that we can track the results it generates with unique codes,” says Teju Prabhakar, associate director of marketing for “We know how many people redeem them and can track the codes back to individual users.” The mailing performed so well that followed up with another mailing in Manhattan and will likely do similar mailings in other large cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami and Washington, D.C. 1

You’ve got mail. Emails can also be very effective when trying to connect with customers as part of an integrated multichannel strategy. Newsletter emails with links to social media sites are a great way to keep the conversation going on new products or trends. Driving sales or tracking customer habits with emailed promotions offers businesses another opportunity to connect with customers. A manufacturer with a new maintenance program recently asked BFC to develop such a system. The program kicked off with customers receiving a direct mail communication that prompted them to register for the program through a website. Once registered the customer was granted access to member benefits and materials. As part of the program, the BFC developed system would send periodic coupons for products in an email with a unique code. As customers redeemed coupons, the manufacturer tracked the results enabling them to target future offers based on historical success.

Achieving a good marketing mix. Key findings in the DMA 2010 Response Rate Trend report show conversion rates to be: 6.16% telemarketing, 4.92% catalogs, 3.99% postcards, 3.81% paid search (usually a two-or three-step sales process), internet displayed advertisements 4.43% (after click) and 1.73% by email. 2

The findings illustrate an important point. All customers respond differently to communications. There is no one magical way to reach audiences. Engaging customers is best done across multiple channels with a good marketing mix. BFC’s MyCampaign application gives businesses an opportunity to reach customers through multiple communication channels with an easy to use, automated marketing system.

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