Document Recall

Document Recall

Do your customer service agents waste valuable time searching for information to satisfy a customer request or a complaint? Do they need to view a customer’s specific contract while talking to them on the phone? BFC can give you instant access to previous records via a web-based application. In a “now” world, this system delivers with a click of the mouse.

“While some records are kept on hard drives, many past invoices, statements and letters are filed away in boxes, discarded due to space, or even stored on outdated microfilm,” comments Brad Novak of BFC. According to Brad, the problem is not only the time it takes to locate the appropriate document, but more so having to copy, mail or fax it. “Not only does this take up valuable time, it’s frustrating for both the employee looking for the document and the customer waiting for it.”

One of BFC’s clients understood this frustration and asked BFC to develop a system that would allow them to recall all their past invoices, statements, delinquent notices, and letters on demand. “In fact, many organizations are required by law to maintain records of all communications to existing clientele and/or prospects. It was time for us to develop a more interactive and responsive solution for retrieval with a few requirements: the end result should be a PDF, the system should be fast, and to save space and money the files need to be small.”

Always up to the challenge, BFC’s programming team went to work custom engineering a web-based application. The result was a client-specific online system that could store a virtually unlimited amount of information with the ability to recall that data in real-time. Users can log onto the website and see an exact replication of what was previously sent. When a specific document is requested or recalled, the system instantly rebuilds the document as a PDF and gives the user the ability to view or print. The system also tracks who is recalling the information and records any new transactions so an accurate history is always maintained. BFC’s new Document Recall System offers:

  • Fast data recall. Documents are rebuilt in PDF format, real-time.
  • Accurate archival. The database stores all original communications and records any new reprints.
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction. Instant customer response, no more waiting.
  • Customizable solutions. BFC can develop and design a Document Recall System to support your exact business processes, company goals, and business rules.
  • Safe storage. All BFC solutions have a built-in disaster recovery plans to keep records safe and accessible.

BFC’s Document Recall keeps business moving forward for clients and their customers. For a demonstration, please call 1-800-774-6840.