A Visit From Congressman Randy Hultgren

When Congress broke for recess in July, U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-14th) was set to tour local businesses to gauge how they were weathering today's uncertain economic climate. BFC President Joe Novak and all of BFC were excited to find out that one of the Congressman's stops would be BFC.

Novak has always felt that as a business owner it is very important to communicate with Congressional leaders the issues that business owners face and the impact those issues have on their business. Being able to communicate his perspective to them in an effort to help businesses operate have made trips to Washington D.C. worthwhile.

The Congressman's visit was a great opportunity to demonstrate how BFC had expanded its solutions, over the past decade, to encompass more than just print. The ability to diversify and attract new customers with cost-efficient marketing communications and business process solutions through hosted services or Software as a Service (SaaS) has been vital to the growth of the company. Today, with just few clicks customers have the ability to create, personalize and automate delivery of marketing campaigns. They can dynamically recreate important documents online from stored data to make them available for review and redelivery on-demand. Create and manage complex versioning of kits and letter packs from anywhere. And connect extended networks to business critical information such as reports, analytics and content with custom web portals.

BFC has always challenged itself to stay ahead of the curve and subsequently has created new opportunities for itself. It's that determination and spirit BFC wanted to show the Congressman.

"I'm going all over the district meeting with companies trying to find out what's working and what isn't," Hultgren said. "This is one of those businesses I've driven by hundreds of times and wondered what they do here."

Congressman Hultgren took a tour of the facility and then met with employees. "I really do want to be customer-focused, just like you guys are," he said to employees. "It's so important for me to be able to represent you and fight for you and make sure our area is doing well."

BataviaPatch online magazine stated "Overall Hultgren said he is impressed by how many businesses he had visited are handling the economic climate. 'Whole companies are stepping up to continue to be productive and do well,' he said." 1

1 Erin Sauder, BataviaPatch, Randy Hultgren Pays Visit to Batavia Business, August 26, 2011.