Analyzing Processes

Analyzing Processes

Regain your competitive edge with an enterprise-wide solution.

As businesses try to navigate the turbulent waters created by today’s economy, they are often forced to look for new ways to drive down costs yet maintain a high quality operation. “If you examine your current workflow, you’ll usually find significant overlaps in functions and time-consuming manual processes,” said Matt Novak, Vice President, BFC. And, as we all know, supporting redundant systems and actions increases overhead and creates operational inefficiencies.

At BFC we recognize the impact of inefficient and redundant systems and make them our focus. “Our job is to analyze processes and create an enterprise-wide solution,” Matt said. “Consolidating systems, organizing or creating new web applications and taking the solution full circle; that’s our mission.” With built in reporting and controls, a solution from BFC can streamline processes and save your company money. Imagine a system where you can manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of your business from shared data stores. “Our solutions are modular. We can add or reconfigure modules to meet specific needs as your business evolves,” Matt states.

Enterprise-wide solutions come in different forms – document management systems, online ordering sites, marketing portals. But they all have one thing in common: results. Here’s what you can expect from evaluating your workflow and adopting change:

  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Improved competitiveness in your industry
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Satisfied compliance issues
  • Faster time to market
  • Consistency of execution, production and communication
  • Reduced errors across all phases of the operations workflow

How do you start the process and begin to take advantage of an improved workflow? You need to find the right partner. BFC takes a consultative approach when starting these projects. “A thorough understanding of a client’s business operation is a critical step,” Matt commented. “The BFC approach is unique, thorough and effective.”

First, we get to know a business by learning their organizational requirements and goals. In this Consultative stage we analyze an organization’s data, communication, and marketing infrastructure. Matt expands, “we look for inefficient and manual processes, examine costs and budgetary constraints, and identify potential growth inhibitors.”

The next step is Solution Development. Our solutions may include system and network integration, data security and regulatory compliance, web application development, variable data programming, and entitlement-based distribution systems. “Each client has unique goals and, therefore, unique solutions,” states Matt.

Once the solution is developed, BFC’s engagement provides a huge role in the production process. With a foundation in traditional printing, BFC offers a distinct competitive advantage: Integrated Production. “Whatever our clients need—mailings, sales literature, kits, business cards—it can be customized and ordered from one central source,” said Matt. Whether offset or digital, laser or inkjet, static or variable, BFC’s production capabilities create a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Our last stage is Targeted Delivery, where your mailing, email campaign or products are delivered to the right person, at the right time, at the right cost.

Through this new approach, BFC has helped clients reevaluate current processes and create efficient workflows. “Our clients experience a significant cost savings, up to 25%,” recalled Matt. “Plus, they are saving time, ordering smarter and controlling their products better. The bottom line is greater efficiency.”

Improved efficiencies. Significant cost savings. Improved competitive edge. Isn’t it time you took the plunge and analyzed your workflow?