Document Manager

Document Manager

Build, deliver, and manage your organization’s documents in a secure web-based environment.

Document Manager supports the entire life cycle of a document to effectively manage an organization’s communications in a simple, secure environment.


Document Manager begins with a library of controlled documents. Proper management of your documents is key to maintaining your strategy. BFC understands how vital these centric communications can be and has built a platform for managing your corporate approved documents. Using the Document Manager, users can build personalized and variable documents to effectively manage their customer communications.

Core Strengths

  • Compliance & regulatory control
  • Manage brand, content & versioning
  • Consistent messaging


Effectively deliver across different mediums. Now more than ever, when postal costs are at their highest, Document Manager’s robust delivery framework allows for options in evaluating today’s most effective delivery methods. Document Manager offers both traditional mail and/or electronic delivery.

Core Strengths

  • Single or multiple records
  • Traditional mail or electronic delivery


Maintain detailed and versioned controlled documents with just a few clicks. Proper document management requires maintaining a detailed history of your communications. Document Manager solves this problem by dynamically recreating documents from stored data making your documents available for redelivery on-demand.

Core Strengths

  • Audit compliant
  • Recall/View
  • Redeliver


Reduction in print costs and mail delivery time by eliminating errors associated with the use of multiple vendors.

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