Communications Manager

Communications Manager

Connect users to business critical information and content.

Communications Manager connects users to business critical information and content while providing secure access to your organizations production and fulfillment resources.

Portal Technology

A powerful brand identity resource. Being able to empower your sales network and channels is vital to the success of any organization. BFC's secure portal technology provides organizations the ability to organize and entitle all of its users to corporate and brand approved communications and resources.

Core Strengths

  • Permission Based
  • Brand Identity
  • Resource Library

Communication Module

Centralized information, interactions, and exchanges. The ability to centralize, control and manage the exchange of content in one secure web-based setting makes our Communication Module an invaluable resource to manage all your corporate communications. Easily connect users to business critical information by providing quick access to blogs, news postings, and business data.

Core Strengths

  • Dashboard
  • Bulletin Boards & News Postings
  • Blogs

Media Management Module

Manage the diversity of media. Media management tools makes it possible for content owners to create, manage and control a wide variety of media types across an entire organization. Media Manager's ease of use makes it so any user can readily upload, index, modify, package, and publish digital and media content for live use or on-demand distribution as needed.

Core Strengths

  • Audio Webcasts
  • Video Webcasts
  • Digital Asset Manager

Reduced Costs & Increased Accuracy

by integrating multiple facets of a supply chain and fulfillment processes into a single, streamlined program.

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