Certifications & Initiatives

BFC is proud to be certified or to be in the process of certification
by the bodies listed:

Conserving resources while maintaining quality and value has always been one of our objectives. With new eco-friendly options and technologies emerging, BFC decided to deepen their shade of green by incorporating additional environmentally responsible products, equipment and policies.


To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, BFC has become certified to the Chain of Custody requirements stipulated by the Forest Stewardship Council by an independent third party registrar in November 2008. The FSC’s mission is to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. The requirements for this standard include the ability to maintain traceability of the FSC certified paper from receipt, throughout all production processes, and up to delivery to our customer’s. The paper’s origin and content can be traced to the forest floor of well managed forests throughout the world. Our certification allows us to use the FSC label on our client’s printed pieces when they would like to further communicate their commitment to sustainability and the use of responsible sources.


Continually proving its commitment to the environment, BFC has also become certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Chain of Custody Program. Similar to the FSC certification process, SFI’s standard includes much of the same requirements and is also focused on principles and measures that promote sustainable forest management. With the SFI chain of custody certification, BFC can demonstrate and has maintained the records needed to provide our clients with the correct claim of the paper used such as post consumer recycled fiber or the applicable percentage of sourced fiber. The SFI on-product label can also be used on these printed pieces for marketing purposes.


BFC has been steadily building its reputation in the region as an environmentally-sensitive printer. And now BFC is a recognized recipient of the GreenWorks Environmental Recognition Award, a special green initiative developed by Agfa Graphics. Agfa, one of the world’s leading imaging and information technology companies.



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