Case Study: Manufacturing

Case Study: Manufacturing

BFC increases client's distributor participation with Imprivia's permission based web portal environment.

The Challenge

A leading manufacturer of industrial products with an extensive global distributor network encountered a series of barriers within their distributor sales networks leading to diminished growth and market share. The manufacturer’s challenges:

  • How to improve the disconnected and poorly utilized communication channels within their distributor network.
  • How to increase distributor participation in a corporate sponsored marketing program that had only a 15% utilization rate.
  • How to produce, fulfill, deliver and manage multiple marketing kits in successive national campaigns while removing errors and additional postage costs.
  • How to streamline multiple websites and systems currently used to manage the manufacturer’s communication requirements and the distributor’s marketing needs.

Our Solution

The answer for the client was Imprivia. By mapping out a sound workflow based on the client’s and the distributor’s business rules, program requirements, and the desired marketing outcomes, BFC was able to:

  • Launch a centralized web interface that eliminated the need for 4 separate web systems.
  • Provide a platform to connect and engage both internal and external audiences with blogs, news postings, and business statistics.
  • Offer a variety of options and capabilities to create, produce and deliver personalized and variable content while enforcing and preserving brand identity.
  • Allow entitled users the ability to create, manage, and control all their digital assets across an entire organization.

A Better Client Outcome

Imprivia is a permission based, single portal environment that connects and engages users within a web based framework. Imprivia includes tools such as Content and Brand Manager, Communication Manager, and Media Manager. These tools grant users entitled access to company communications, marketing and production tools, and fulfillment solutions that empower users and give them the framework to be successful.

In this particular case, the new centralized site with its refined distributor focus generated a 60% increase in distributor participation, streamlined communication channels, and ensured consistent corporate messaging.



Reduction in print costs and mail delivery time by eliminating errors associated with the use of multiple vendors.

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