Case Study: Healthcare

Case Study: myDocument

myDocument delivers a new level of workflow efficiency, program control and cost savings.

The Challenge

A rapidly expanding Health Care Insurance Provider faced serious challenges:

  • How to produce, deliver and manage their prospect kit fulfillment program that was on pace to double in size.
  • How to transition a fragmented, manual, and internally produced program over to a strategic partner while maintaining all compliance regulations and automating the entire process.

Our Solution - myDocument

The client chose to tackle their challenge with myDocument. myDocument’s biggest benefit is the streamlined workflow and automated data collection.

The implementation of myDocument involved taking an internally managed and fragmented program and breaking the program and its processes down to its core functions. By mapping a logical workflow based on the client’s business rules and regulatory and compliance requirements, BFC was able to:

  • Establish an on-demand program to produce and fulfill kits in response to sales opportunities and inquiries.
  • Create a simple and easy-to-use web interface to automate the fulfillment process.
  • Design an integrated, variable card to incorporate a sales rep contact card into the introduction letter.
  • Maintain brand guidelines while maintaining state compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce inventory, eliminate multiple vendors, and manage inventory real-time.

A Better Client Outcome

With the implementation of an automated and streamlined kitting application, the client has improved their ability to respond and produce more than 30,000 variable and targeted kits within a 6-week period. (This new found efficiency has more than doubled their previous capacity.) In addition to the improved workflow, the client has reduced their total annual print spend by 40%.


Reduced Costs & Increased Accuracy

by integrating multiple facets of a supply chain and fulfillment processes into a single, streamlined program.

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