Case Study: Franchise

Case Study: myStore

BFC increases franchise participation by 50% and the corporate
visibility they required.

The Challenge

A national franchise group with over 3,000 franchises across North America was struggling to present a consistent and unified resource to help support their franchisees’ marketing efforts.

  • The current process supports too many vendors offering similar products
  • The presence of multiple vendors created a variety of portals, log-ins and passwords
  • Franchisee messaging was fragmented and inconsistent to corporate standards
  • Corporate office was removed and unaware of franchisee marketing activities

Our Solution - myStore

BFC was selected to lead the development and implementation of a customized solution using myStore. The simplicity of myStore allows entitled franchisees to visit a secure and centric website to review a catalog of brand-compliant materials that they can customize and order.

The implementation involved a complete review of the program in its entirety. In doing so we had to break down the current corporate departmental process, map out a new workflow, define the desired business rules, establish the brand-compliant requirements, and discuss with the franchisees their local level needs. As a result, BFC was able to:

  • Streamline and reduce the number of vendors presently supporting their network to one consolidated vendor
  • Maintain brand identity and compliance while allowing franchise independence and personalization
  • Create a portal using single user sign-on entitling users to approved materials
  • Established order approval hierarchy and reporting but gave corporate the needed activity visibility

A Better Client Outcome

The new centralized site with its refined franchisee focus, customizable marketing materials, and dedicated customer service has removed the discomfort with using a corporate controlled resource while providing the corporate office with a greater clarity into the needs of the franchisees.

Today, franchisees are able to transact, with a single portal, multiple marketing efforts at the local level. With this new refined access coupled with the ability to personalize the message, franchisee participation has increased by 50% and the corporate office has received the needed visibility they required.



Reduction in print costs and mail delivery time by eliminating errors associated with the use of multiple vendors.

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