Case Study: Associations

Case Study: myCampaign

myCampaign helps a national association build awareness and
strengthen a declining member base.

The Challenge

A national federation of more than 800 state and local associations needed to build awareness and strengthen relationships with a declining member base on diminishing budget.

  • Fragmented communications led to association members being unaware that they belonged to a national association
  • Different member groups required different levels of support based on the likelihood of renewal (high, medium, or low)
  • State and local associations had difficulty reaching out to members with messaging that spoke at the local level

Our Solution - myCampaign

BFC responded with an automated marketing system that encouraged participation from every level of the organization. With BFC’s myCampaign application, the national association was able to schedule and automate delivery of personalized messaging to its members. Milestones were used to determine who received what communication and when, based on where they were in the retention cycle. Recipients were segmented into high, medium, and low risk — each receiving different communications at different frequencies. Communications consisted of mail pieces and e-mails. And all messaging was branded with elements from the national, state, and local associations. With myCampaign, the client was able to:

  • Generate awareness of the national association and encourage participation
  • Establish a program that increased retention and renewal of memberships
  • More effectively reach members with a multichannel campaign that consisted of personalized mail pieces and e-mails
  • Apply the benefits of large scale production to provide a cost-efficient program for the associations

A Better Client Outcome

Many great features in one simple to use system made myCampaign the right solution. myCampaign removed the complexities of using different services or systems to send multichannel communications, gave the associations the ability to easily send personalized messaging, and automated the delivery of timely communications.

myCampaign’s powerful and easy to use features are a hit with state and local associations. myCampaign has now been adopted by a quarter of the federation in the first few months of its release. Projections indicate an increasing trend with a doubling in participation in the coming months.



Reduction in print costs and mail delivery time by eliminating errors associated with the use of multiple vendors.

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